Advanced Invites: Email Invitations

Advanced Invites are used to onboard people to your organization and are designed specifically to help admins organize users as well as send out initial training. There are two types of Advanced Invites: Email Invitations and Membership Codes.

Email Invitations

After you click [Select Email] you will be brought to an invitation form to complete all the necessary steps that make Email Invitations powerful. The example below is adding an email invitation designed for a summer pre-marital class. 

  1. Give your invitation a name. This name is used for admin purposes only for identifying the invitation later.
  2. Roles - if you'd like to give your users (who accept this invite) a role in your organization, do so here. This is a great place to give people Admin access if that is applicable for this invitation. If the people this invitation is intended for are not admins, simply leave this blank.
  3. Groups - add a group (or two) to this invitation so that these users who accept this invitation will automatically be added to that group, so the organization is already done for you!
  4. Attach Training - search for any training and attach to this invitation. When users accept this invitation and log in, they will automatically be assigned that training! Just like that, they already have something to do when they log in for the first time.
  5. Seats - Woo Marriage subscriptions are unlimited - simply leave this blank.
  6. Select [Continue]


1) Add as many names and emails that you'd like to include in this invitation.

2) Select [Add Recipients} for each name/email you are adding.

3) Optional: Add a personal message to your invitation!

4) Select [Preview & Send] to preview your message before you send it!

Preview your message and select the green [Send Email(s)] button! You're done!

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