Do you charge sales tax?

Woo Marriage is an online service and is bound to all state laws surrounding SaaS (software as a service) products. Based on your church/organization location/state will determine whether sales tax is applicable to you. Our shopping cart recognizes your location and applies sales tax where applicable. If your church or organization has a state sales tax exemption, you can use it with a LifeWay Credit Account for your Woo Marriage purchase. LifeWay offers billing accounts with 30 day payment terms, upon credit approval, for churches and organizations who purchase products or services from any of our sales channels. Contact LifeWay Customer Service (1-800-458-2772) to begin the process of applying for a LifeWay Credit account. Additionally, all sales tax is only applicable to the digital product you are purchasing. Any promo or discount code where it reduces your cost to $0 will also apply $0 in tax.

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