How to Assign Training

Depending on how you choose to use Woo Marriage, there are three unique ways:

1. Direct Assignment - When you search the Woo Marriage catalog and find a course or workflow, choose “Assign Training” and then select the people who you want receive it.

2. From an individual profile - Select People from the top menu. When you select an individual's profile you will have an option to Assign Training.

3. With an Invitation/Membership Code - When you create a direct email invitation or membership code/Easy Link, choose training, and anyone who redeems the invitation or membership code will get assigned the training upon redemption. The optional settings below are sort of like a recipe card. You build your recipe based on who you are wanting to add to you organization.

4. In a Group - Choose a Group and then “Settings” and add the training you want all the members of the group to receive. When you activate the group, all of its members who are not coaching will receive the training."


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