How To Create A Group

If you want to create a group, select the Green add button in the top right. After you do this, name your group.

Now that you are in your group, letโ€™s add people to it. Select the green add button. Here you can select your people based upon role or you can search with another category. Once you have them all selected, just hit add.

Now that you have people in your group, you can select a coach or coaches who can see how the group is doing on their training. In order for someone to be a coach, they must have the coach role assigned to them.

Note: All Coaching is done from the Coach People view from the Organization Dashboard - not within the Group itself.

To assign someone as a coach in the group, choose Select Role(s) in Group. If they have a green coach label, that means they are in a role that allows them to be a coach.      

A coach has access to coach everyone in that specific group, but no one outside of the group. A coach can also just be a participant in another group and be coached by someone else.

If you want to assign training to the whole group, go to Search Training, find the training you like, and assign it to the whole group.

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