How to Send an Automated Email When Training is Assigned

Since there are four ways to assign training, there are four ways to notify people that they have training.

1. If you give someone a direct assignment and want them to automatically get an email about it, you will need to first create a Workflow that includes an email step so that they will get the email before they get the first course in the Workflow.

2. If you put people into "Groups" and then add training to their "Group", they’ll receive an email when you activate the group.

3. Assignments made by email invitations do not have separate notifications that the assignments were made. When someone logs in, the first thing they’ll see on their Your Training page is their new assignment.

4. Assignments made through Membership Codes don’t have separate notifications. Like an email invitation, it will be the first thing they see after redeeming the membership code.

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