Updating Payment Information

How do I update my payment information for my subscription?

All of your subscription & billing information is housed at my.lifeway.com. Visit this central hub to manage your subscription. Read below for how to update a payment method AND reactivate any suspended subscriptions (due to billing issues).

1. To add a new payment method OR update a current payment method, select "Payment Methods" from the left-hand menu.

2. If you have an expired or declining payment method that you've updated from step 1 above, it's critical you ensure that your subscription(s) have been re-activated with those updated payment method(s). To do so, click "Subscriptions" from the left-hand menu. You'll see a list of 1 (Active Subscriptions you currently have) 2 (Inactive or Cancelled Subscriptions) and 3 (Suspended Subscriptions).

If you have a subscription that was tied to an outdated payment method, once you update that payment method, select the 3rd tab (Suspended) and then REACTIVATE that subscription.

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